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Our espadrilles are handmade in Spain. And they come in many beautiful colours:

espadrilles cover


  • are nice summer shoes.
  • consist of a sole made of jute and an upper made of cotton.
  • are worn barefoot and your feet feel wonderfully free.
  • are just the perfect shoes for summer.
  • give you a feeling of a summer holiday at the beach.
  • do not like water! So, do not wear them in the rain and do not put them into the washing machine - just clean them dry or use a brush. Or just order yourself some new ones at ;-)
  • are lightweight, breathable and comfortable. But they are not made for long hiking tours, because they do not offer a good foothold or damping for your feet. But they are the ideal shoes for a walk in the city or for holidays.

  • offers espadrilles that are handmade in Spain
  • no shipping costs if you order for more than CHF 100
  • ships only within Switzerland. For shipments to Germany or Austria, please contact our sympatic partner