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How do you produce espadrilles?

Our espadrilles, are usually called "alpargatas", as they are from Spain. Until today they are produced handmade, following a long tradition.

We were able to have a look at the production ourselves and are very happy to share this experience with you.


First the cord out of jute is being laid by hand to form the sole, which then is being stitched. After that a layer of rubber is being added to it. The rubber layer does not cover the whole sole for remaining well breathable. In the meantime the cotton fabric is being cut that will end up being the colourful upper. Now the sole and the fabric is to be sewed together. This also is done by hand - partly by housewifes and partly by nuns in a nearby monastery.

Nowadays it is very rare to find such a kind of production and we are very happy to be part of it. Of course, we do package your espadrilles by hand as well...